Friday, March 9, 2007

The Fun Start in Chennai.......

People had mixed opinions about my moving to Chennai. The only reassuring thought was that my elder brother was there. But by the time I started to pack for Chennai, I got the news that he would move to Mumbai. But it was fun staying with him, Bhabhi and especially Naman. Home food, tell me about it, I was longing for it. I saw Naman take his first steps, it was amazing, taking him to the park and playing with him. Life was so busy from office to Naman that I did not want anything else.
The other turning point in my life was buying a Bullet. It sounds strange but yes it was a defining moment in my life. It just changed everything in my life. Once my brother moved out from Chennai, I had taken up a sea facing house in Chennai. That is when I got involved with the Madbulls (Bullet Club of Chennai). Then started the era of long rides and adventure. Go place, as a bunch, have fun. It then I realised how much i was passionate about travelling. I just loved the idea of seeing new places, do new things.