Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Installation of TimesTen 7.0.5 - Oracle In-Memory Database Cache

You can download the latest version from TimesTen Download

unzip timesten70500.linux86.tar.zip
tar -xvf timesten70500.linux86.tar
oracle@oracle:~/software/linux86$ ls
3rdparty behaviorchanges.txt doc install.pl LINUX86 README.html setup.sh uninst.sh
oracle@oracle:~/software/linux86$ ./setup.sh

NOTE: Each TimesTen installation is identified by a unique instance name.
The instance name must be a non-null alphanumeric string, not longer
than 255 characters.

Please choose an instance name for this installation? [ tt70 ] timesten
Instance name will be 'timesten'.
Is this correct? [ yes ] yes

Please select a product :

[1] Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
[2] Oracle In-Memory Database Cache

Which product would you like to install? [ 1 ] 2

Of the three components:

[1] Client/Server and Data Manager
[2] Data Manager Only
[3] Client Only

Which would you like to install? [ 1 ]
Where would you like to install the timesten instance of TimesTen? [ /home/oracle ] /home/oracle/TimesTen
Where would you like to create the daemon home directory? [ /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info ]
The directory /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info does not exist.
Do you want to create it? [ yes ]
Installing into /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten ...
Uncompressing ...

The TimesTen Demo applications can take up to 64 Mbytes of disk space.
Depending on how your system is configured, you may not want to create the
DemoDataStore directory in the default location,

Where would you like to create the DemoDataStore directory? [ /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info ]
Creating /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info/DemoDataStore ...

NOTE: All installations that replicate to each other must use the same daemon
port number that is set at installation time. The daemon port number can
be verified by running 'ttVersion'.

The default port number is 17000.

Do you want to use the default port number for the TimesTen daemon? [ yes ]
The daemon will run on the default port number (17000).

Processing /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/PERL/perl.tar ...

Would you like to enable datastore access control? [ no ] yes
The daemon logs will be located in /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info
Would you like to specify a different location for the daemon logs? [ no ]

The following variables have been set in the file :


Would you like to enable the Cache Connect to Oracle Administrator? [ yes ]
What TCP/IP port number would you like Cache Connect to Oracle Administrator to listen on? [ 17004 ]

NOTE: To access the TimesTen Cache Connect to Oracle Administrator
go to the url: http://localhost:17004/cache

NOTE: It appears that you are running version 4.1 of the g++
compiler. TimesTen ships with multiple sets of client libraries and server
binaries : one built with g++ 3.2.3, one with g++ 3.4.6, and one with
g++ 4.1.0. The installer has created links to the 4.1.0 library in the
/lib directory and to the 4.1.0 server binary in the
/bin directory. If you want to use a different compiler,
please modify the links to point to the desired library and server binary.

Installing server components ...
Would you like to log all server Connects/Disconnects? [ yes ]
What is the TCP/IP port number that you want the TimesTen Server to listen on? [ 17002 ]
Starting the daemon ...
TimesTen Daemon startup OK.

Installing client components ...
What is the name of the host running the TimesTen server? [ oracle ]
What is the TCP/IP port number that the TimesTen server is listening on? [ 17002 ]
What is the name of the instance running the TimesTen server? [ timesten ]
Creating new /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/info/sys.ttconnect.ini
Extracting 3rd party tools ...
Would you like to install the documentation? [ yes ]
Where would you like to create the doc directory (s=skip)? [ /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/doc ]
The directory /home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/doc does not exist.
Do you want to create it? [ yes ]

NOTE: The TimesTen daemon startup/shutdown scripts have not been installed.

Run the script '/home/oracle/TimesTen/timesten/bin/setuproot' as root.
This will move the TimesTen startup script into its appropriate location.

The startup script is currently located here :

End of TimesTen installation.